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Oliver de Coque Ogene Sound Super of Africa 1977 mp3 song download

Oliver de Coque was a renowned Nigerian musician and composer. Born in 1947, he quickly mastered various musical instruments, including the guitar and the flute. With his unique blend of highlife and traditional Igbo music, Oliver de Coque became known as the “Ogene Sound Super of Africa.”

In 1977, Oliver de Coque released an album that solidified his place in the music industry. Titled “Ogene Sound Super of Africa,” this album showcased his exceptional talent and creativity. It was a testament to his commitment to preserving and promoting African music.

The dynamic sound of the ogene, a traditional Igbo instrument, was prominently featured in Oliver de Coque’s music. This instrument added a distinctive and captivating element to his compositions, captivating audiences across Africa. The “Ogene Sound Super of Africa” album was a celebration of this cultural heritage and a demonstration of Oliver de Coque’s expertise in fusing traditional and contemporary sounds.

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Oliver de Coque’s talent as a composer and performer earned him wide recognition and admiration. He received several accolades, including the Nigerian Music Award for the Best Highlife Artist in the 1980s. His music was embraced not only by Nigerians but also by fans across Africa and beyond.

Even after his passing in 2008, Oliver de Coque’s music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. His ability to blend traditional Nigerian sounds with modern influences has made him a timeless icon in the African music scene. The legacy of the “Ogene Sound Super of Africa” lives on, reminding us of the talent and artistry of this bold and influential artiste.

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